Precious metal specialist with full service

As a wholesaler with years of experience, including in gold purchasing, we have the expertise to offer you solutions that will get the most out of your precious metal recycling.

Recycling concepts

We will be happy to show you how your precious metals can be recycled. We develop customised recycling concepts for you that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Feasibility analysis and profitability analysis/audit

Our feasibility and profitability analyses ensure that your assets are put back into circulation.

Price fixing

In order to eliminate the price risk for you as a customer, we also offer you the possibility of price fixing. You can fix the current gold and/or silver rate with us. Specify the fine silver quantity and/or fine gold quantity to arrange a fixed price. We use Kitco as the basis for our rates. Kitco is freely available and platform-independent.

Our cooperation partners

For the processing of your materials, we work exclusively with accredited companies and independent testing laboratories from all over Europe. We can therefore guarantee that the further processing of precious metals is carried out in accordance with the highest standards and is subjected to regular controls.

Collections and delivery

We arrange for your goods to be transported to WEGHV as securely and quickly as possible. For some items, we can also provide special transport containers, such as our drums for silver-plated cutlery and tin. f We send you the drums and you simply fill them and send them back.

For higher-grade items, we have your gold, silver, platinum or palladium collected exclusively by discreet insured or secured transportation.

Planning and logistics are free of charge.

Legal compliance.

Waste consulting

Precious metals and waste containing such metals are valuable and the raw materials of the future. Nevertheless, they are legally classified as waste and are subject to the German Circular Economy Act. As the person responsible for this waste, do you require a contact to provide you with expert advice? One of our quality management staff will be happy to answer the most important questions.


Remelting service

Perhaps you don’t want to sell your old gold or scrap gold, but instead just wish to remelt it to have the exact gold content analysed. Or maybe you would like to have your old gold or scrap gold transformed into fine gold. Then our remelting service is the perfect choice for you. We remelt your old gold or scrap gold, analyse the exact gold content and you receive your own bar including analysis – or we pay you in fine gold! Our remelting service offers you many options to suit your needs.

Contact us for detailed advice

Our team

Professional. Reliable. WEGHV.

Gold is money and nothing else.

Would you entrust your money to just anyone? – Neither would we. That is why our team does not consist of just anyone, but of people with experience, expertise in value and materials as well as integrity.
In addition to five precious metal testers certified in accordance with the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths’ Guild in Nordrhein-Westfalen, we also employ professionals for sampling and production, an experienced money laundering officer and financial advisory specialist as well as doctors of industrial engineering.