Precious metal trading and precious metal recycling

Precious metal trading and precious metal recycling

Whether gold, silver, platinum, palladium, silver-plated cutlery or tin: We professionally recycle and provide payment for industrially used precious metals and tin.

Valuable materials are still being carelessly disposed of. "Silver-plated cutlery from private households and the hotel and catering industry, stamping or milling waste, contacts and soldering materials from the electronics industry or waste from the dental industry are far too often being thrown away as rubbish". As our managerial specialist in precious metal trading, Frank van Hasselt knows what he is talking about. He has many years of experience in the field, including working for one of the leading precious metal refineries in Pforzheim, Germany. His tip: Ask us for advice before throwing your assets away. After all, the recovery of precious metals from trade, commerce and production is our speciality.

Recycling precious metals

As a wholesale dealer in the precious metal trade, we can offer you a really special advantage: We will pay you for your meltable materials directly into your account, proportionally before and after the laboratory analysis. And that's not all: With internationally active sales representatives, our expert team can guarantee tailor-made solutions. A sophisticated service for the collection and transportation of valuables as well as accurate, batch-base analyses with precise remuneration allow your dormant assets to find their way back into economic circulation.

Precious metal trading: The best possible advice

See for yourself! Affiliated gold buyers and precious metal traders all over Europe are already benefiting from our expert knowledge and our international method of operation as a specialist wholesaler. We take our responsibilities seriously. In our dealings with both our customers and their valuable assets. Get in touch for better advice now, and see how we can help.