Industrial silver

Purchase of industrial silver

Do you have industrial silver waste and similar materials? These should not just be carelessly thrown away, as there is still considerable value in what might initially seem like mere waste products. Our professional and friendly industrial silver purchasing service can help.

What we buy

Westfälischer Edelmetallgroßhandel und Verwertung GmbH buys all types of industrial silver, whether these originate from medical-technology companies or from the surface-coating industry. We can use your industrial silver waste to produce new silver, so we accept all forms of industrial silver, such as:

  • Silver filings,
  • Silver plates,
  • Silver granules,
  • Silver flakes, e.g. as electroplating material or tapped-off material
  • Silver wires,
  • Silver chippings,
  • Sputter targets (whether made from pure silver, alloy or bonded),
  • Silver pastes,
  • Silver anodes,
  • Silver alloy plates,
  • Silver soldering material,
  • Silver tape (pure silver or alloy),
  • Silver residues,
  • Silver catheters,
  • Silver punching waste (including partly gold-plated punching strips and/or shavings) and much more.

How the purchase of industrial silver works

If you are looking to sell industrial silver, simply send it to us. For large quantities, we will also gladly arrange for transportation or will alternatively collect the industrial silver from your premises. Just contact our friendly service team on +49 (0) 2383 613 47 51. They are available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00.
Once we have carried out a thorough analysis of the industrial silver in our laboratory, where we establish the pure-silver content and the weight, we will send you a purchase price based on these findings. If you agree with the offer, then the money will be sent directly to you. If not, we will of course return your industrial silver.