Silver bars

Silver bars

Purchase of silver bars at fair prices

Do you still have silver bars that you need to turn into cash? Then simply contact your reliable trading partner Westfälischer Edelmetallgroßhandel und Verwertung GmbH. We will buy your old silver bars and pay you a fair price in return.

What we buy

We buy all types of silver bars. The bars don't need to be in their original packaging, you can send them to us as a set, and it doesn't matter who they were produced by. We buy your silver bars for a fair price, regardless of the mint or bank at which they were produced.
Even if you no longer have the certificate of authenticity for the silver bars, we will still give you a fair purchase price, as the price we pay depends solely on the actual silver content. We also buy granules and other items that contain silver.
If the silver bars can still be traded at a bank, you will receive the corresponding equivalent value. If the silver bars are scratched or otherwise impaired, then we will pay the current daily meltdown price.

How the purchase of silver bars works

In order for us to purchase your silver bars, simply send them to us, either as a trader or an individual. For large quantities of silver bars, we will also gladly arrange for transportation or will alternatively collect the silver bars from your premises. Just give our friendly team a call on 49 (0) 2383 613 47 51. They are available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00.
Once we have received your silver bars, we will carry out tests in our in-house laboratory to check their silver content, weight and purity. We will then send you our offer. If you accept the offer, we will transfer your payment immediately, or if you wish to keep the silver bars, we will also gladly return them to you.