Silver-plated cutlery and hotel silverware

As well as recycling gold and high-grade silver items, we also specialise in the processing and purchase of silver-plated cutlery, hotel silverware (sauciers, bowls, cups, trays and candle holders) as well as all types of silver-plated knives.

In the past, the carrier or base material for silver-plated cutlery and other items took the form of an alloy with the following components:

47-64% copper
10-25 % nickel
15-42% zinc

his was also known as nickel silver or alpacca. This has since been replaced by a chrome-nickel-steel alloy
(18/10 , 18/8, Cromargan, Nirosta).

The carrier material is then surface-treated by means of electroplating (the electrochemical separation of metallic deposits such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum or nickel on objects).

Depending on the amount of silver deposits, there are different silver-plating grades for cutlery or hotel silverware.

A 90-grade or 100-grade silver-plating is most commonly used in Germany. This indicates that 90g or 100g of pure silver is separated from a surface of 24 dm², which corresponds to approximately 12 dinner forks and 12 spoons.

The plating thickness of a 90-grade silver plating corresponds to approximately 34 µm, or 45 µm for a 100-grade silver plating.

Other silver-plating grades are: 20-grade, 40-grade, 60-grade, 84-grade, 120-grade, 150-grade, 200-grade and 240-grade

In order to differentiate between genuine silver items and silver-plated cutlery items or silver-plated hotel silverware, it is necessary to carry out a visual inspection of the existing hallmarks.

If this does not allow for a classification, then we will determine the silver content or silver-plating grade using an X-ray fluorescence analysis and a plating-thickness measurement, and will pay you accordingly.

Based on our experience of over 200,000 kg of recycled silver-plated items from the hotel and catering industries, industry and trade in 2012, as well as our reliable logistics service and current market rates, we are also the perfect people to help with any questions you may have relating to the purchase and recycling of silver-plated cutlery and other items.