Far too often, industrial silver waste ends up being thrown away as rubbish. It might not be worth as much as gold , but it often has a high value that companies are missing out on. We make sure that your valuable materials are not just thrown away: We will process your industrial silver waste, whether this be electrodes or production waste such as chippings, residues or punching waste.

We buy

  • Old jewellery
  • Coins
  • Bars
  • Industrial silver
  • Silver cutlery
  • Tableware
  • Silver cutlery
  • Silver chippings
  • Silver contacts
  • Silver wire
  • Silver granules
  • Medical silver
  • Photography silver
  • Silver solder
  • Silver anodes
  • Silverware

We also buy production rejects and solid residues such as anode residue or punching strips and waste following analysis and at the current market rates.