Platinum jewellry

Platinum jewellry

Make a profit by selling your platinum jewellery

Have you discovered old pieces of platinum jewellery in old jewellery boxes, in the attic or in an inheritance? Are these broken, no longer fashionable, or too old to be worn? Then why not sell your platinum jewellery for a profit? Westfälischer Edelmetallgroßhandel und Verwertung GmbH will gladly buy your used platinum jewellery.

We buy this platinum jewellery

We will buy your platinum jewellery, whether it be the latest fashion, broken platinum jewellery or just the remnants, such as faulty spring washers or chain links. We will also of course accept precious metals that have been melted down by a goldsmith.

With alloys, it is of no concern to us if the stamps are not clear. We even buy unstamped platinum jewellery, as well as alloys from other countries or similar items. If you are not sure whether your jewellery is indeed real platinum, feel free to send it to us anyway. We will then check the platinum content.

The procedure for the purchase of platinum jewellery

If you would like to sell your platinum jewellery, it's really easy to do so. Just send us the jewellery you would like to sell, or if you have large quantities, we can also collect this directly from your premises on request. Simply call our service hotline on +49 (0) 2383 613 47 51 to arrange a date. Our service team is available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00.

Once we have received your items, we will establish the exact platinum content of your jewellery. If we find any other precious metals, such as iridium or rhodium, we will of course let you know. You will be paid for these materials as well as for the platinum. Once we have established the platinum content and weight, we will work out the purchase price based on the current rates, and will send you our offer. You will then have the following choice: If you accept our offer, you will be paid the offered amount directly. If you decide to keep hold of your platinum jewellery, we will of course send it straight back to you.