Your reliable partner for diamond trading - transparent, qualified and quick

In addition to the trading and recycling of precious metals and tin, WEGHV GmbH also specialises in the trade of diamonds. Despite the fact that diamond trading differs from precious metal trading in a number of ways, there are a lot of similarities between our approaches in the two sectors. Essentially, the primary objective is to provide our customers with optimal service and the highest levels of value creation and remuneration for their products.

Grading, advice and trading – everything from a single source

Our profound expert knowledge is key to providing optimal advice on your diamonds. Our diamond evaluators were trained exclusively in Antwerp, the world's leading trading centre for diamonds. We have a fully equipped laboratory available for grading, where we work with equipment almost identical to that used by the major certification institutes.

This enables us to gain a realistic idea of a diamond's maximum value as quickly as possible, and to work out the steps that need to be carried out in order to achieve this value. In this respect, our services extend way beyond direct purchasing. We will happily provide you with comprehensive advice on all options available in putting your wishes into practice.


Diamond purchase

As a general rule, all diamonds are valuable. Our diamond experts will be happy to prepare an offer for you.
You can either pay us a visit at our gemmological laboratory, or we can arrange for an insured collection. More information on the purchase of diamonds

Diamond cutting

As with our certification service, we also provide insured transportation when cutting your diamonds, and will take care of all correspondence with the diamond cutter. More information on diamond cutting