The trading of precious metals essentially relies on three things: Trust, skill and responsibility. We take our responsibilities seriously in our day-to-day business operations - both when dealing with customers and also when handling their goods. As a wholesale dealer with many years of experience in areas including the silver-plated cutlery, we have built up skills that allow us to offer you ways of making the most of your precious metals. We know what's important in day-to-day business. And that's why so many customers have been putting their trust in us for years.

Trade and commerce are often confronted with a critical question: What should I do with silver-plated cutlery, stamping or milling waste, contacts and soldering materials or dental waste? We would suggest: Ask us before you make a decision. We will happily explain to you how you can have your precious metals recycled. We will develop customised recycling concepts for you that are specifically tailored to your requirements. Our feasibility and profitability analyses ensure that your valuables get back into circulation.

We arrange for your goods to be transported to us as securely and quickly as possible. For some items, we can also provide special transport containers,
such as our drums for items such as silver-plated cutlery and tin.
We send you the drums and you simply fill them and send them back.
We can also arrange for your items to be collected using our company trucks, or vans for smaller quantities.
For higher-grade items, we also collect your gold, silver, platinum or palladium, either by insured UPS delivery or by means of secured transportation.
A specially trained team member will collect your package directly from your door.

Planning and logistics are free of charge.

Once at our premises, your precious metals will be melted down to form a homogeneous bar on the same day that they arrive. This step is performed using an induction furnace. The induction voltage causes the different components to merge together to form a homogeneous melt perfect for splitting into new bars.
You can also come to us for a simple melting service.
We will melt down your jewellery or other items and send you a homogeneous bar.

Just give us a call and we will gladly discuss the process with you.

We take a range of core samples from your melted-down bars and use our X-ray fluorescence analysis equipment to work out the alloying elements.
We have two stationary and one portable X-ray fluorescence analysis devices for this purpose.
These devices are able to work out the alloying elements not only for bars but also for pieces of jewellery. Nowadays, some counterfeits are so elaborate that even experienced experts would have a hard time exposing them as fakes.
An X-ray fluorescence analysis can be of great help in these cases.
You can also send your materials to us in order for us to test their authenticity using state-of-the-art testing methods. This means that as a gold buyer, it may still be possible for you to withdraw from any mistaken purchases. Even if this is not possible, the jewellery could still be used for buyer training.

Just get in touch with us and we will explain exactly how the process works.

We know that the issue of liquidity is a very sensitive subject. In the gold-buying field in particular, a few hours can make all the difference in determining the economic future of a business. Thanks to the processes and technology that we use, we can guarantee that the money will usually be in your account 24 hours following the sale of your high-carat gold and silver waste. We pay you 80% of the estimated value once your precious metals arrive at our premises.

In order to eliminate the price risk for you as a customer, we also offer you the offer of price fixing.
You can fix the current gold and/or silver rate at which we will then pay you.
We have set up a hotline for this purpose that you can call to agree on a fixed price for a specified quantity of pure silver and/or pure gold.
We use Kitco as a basis for our rates.
Kitco is freely available and is platform-independent, meaning that you can also use a Kitco app on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Just give us a call and we will happily tell you everything you need to know on this subject.

For the processing of your materials, we work exclusively with accredited companies and independent testing laboratories from all over Europe. We can therefore guarantee that the disposal of valueless components and the further processing of precious metals are carried out in accordance with the highest standards and are subjected to regular controls.